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My upper grade school's art teacher said "Better an inflammation in your arm and a good piece of art than no pain and a piece of shit."

I do art for myself. I take my time doing it since I don't have a hurry to show it to others.

Welcome to my current fandom, but one day I'll stop drawing them and move to another fandom.

I can be: nice. helpful. awkward. annoying. an asshole. silent. weird. helpful. sarcastic. happy. ect. but it all depends on you.

I mainly draw fan art since I find it more challenging to keep the characters in character both by looks and personality. That of course depends how stupid of an idea I've gotten out of nowhere that I just simply want out of my head.

I don't understand the Llama business.

If you want me to reply to your comment, leave something I can actually reply to.

Don't watch me back for the sake of gratitude.
  • Mood: Wow!
(Update: Added a notice with italics after the example pictures. Grrrr.)

Yup, I has some army of toys arriving in a month so I have to earn it all by devoting myself even more to the world of Transformers, art wise. (And I can't open Breakdown's package until I do so.. :cries: )

So here it is as simple as I can make my brain muster out information.

Three types of colored commissions without backgrounds:
1. Square-shaped sketch portrait of one character: 10€ (Waist up): TF FC - Old and rusty but not light weight by pika
2. One character. 20€ (Completely visible above knees.TF MTMTE -  Nautica's Valentine's Day Greeting by pika Though Nautica is a bit hiding in this picture, she's shy, yes.)
3. Two characters. 40€ (Both visible above knees TF MTMTE - ...Wait For It... by pika but Rodimus and Drift are just setting an example. Goofiness not included, or background.)

Example pictures are how the characters would be. It does not include coloration or lineart type mimicking the examples.

notice: If I'm in need of designing your fan character/s from scratch or redesigning any, I have to ask an extra fee of 10€ because it will consume a lot more of my time to build the bots as you wish. Thank you for understanding.

:bulletred: How does this work?
Comment to this journal with a number 1, 2 or 3 at the start if you want me to make art for you! I get lost with my notes so I'll contact you back. I'll be doing them in the order I receive the comments. You can ask questions here and stuff if needed.

:bulletred: Subject.
Transformers only. (I won't do Bay-verse style, that stuff is way too complicated for my patience!)

:bulletred: Payment.
Paypal only. I won't accept points. If you don't use Euros as currency it is your duty to convert the money into Euros for the payment. The fee for that is very tiny.

:icongoofygrinplz: Rawr.


Evil Beauty by Cryophase

You said I should do this, and this time I am certain you'll need it too! In more ways than one! First, the idea behind this is origina...

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