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Tiina Ylikorpi
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My upper grade school's art teacher said "Better an inflammation in your arm and a good piece of art than no pain and a piece of shit."

Transformers Commissions open!I'm OPEN for commissions.
:bulletpurple: Prices are negotiated per client, and here's a few examples:
12€+~ sketch portraits

everything between €~


Link to commission gallery:
DOs and DON'Ts
:bulletblue: I can do canon characters
:bulletblue: I can do fan characters
:bulletblue: I can do chibis
:bulletblue: I can do redesigns
:bulletblue: I can do pairings
:bulletblue: I can do nsfw (depends, send a note and ask!)
:new: :bulletwhite: My Transformers fan characters are available for commissions. Imagine it to be like a photoshoot where my characters are hired to act and pose according to script. ;) My fan characters: http://pika.devi

Occasionally I hang in these two chatrooms:……

I do art for myself. I take my time doing it since I don't have a hurry to show it to others.

Welcome to my current fandom, but one day I'll stop drawing them and move to another fandom.

I can be: nice. helpful. awkward. annoying. an asshole. silent. weird. helpful. sarcastic. happy. ect. but it all depends on you.

I mainly draw fan art since I find it more challenging to keep the characters in character both by looks and personality. That of course depends how stupid of an idea I've gotten out of nowhere that I just simply want out of my head.

I don't understand the Llama business.

If you want me to reply to your comment, leave something I can actually reply to.

Don't watch me back for the sake of gratitude.

If I comment your works, don't feel obliged to return the favor. :)

When it comes to bringing out your character, was it in story, or art, be comprehensible.

Think through more than twice what your character is doing or saying. Does it fit how you've made them? Does it bring out the message you want? If it doesn't, what could you do different? Should you keep something, or throw it away? Does it make sense in which order you've done everything? Should you change some parts around or decide on different point of view? Rewrite, sketch and change it and do it differently. That will open the possibilities that you might have missed something the first time, or found out something isn't necessary. Just don't delete the old ones. You need them to make the comparison.

Most important, when you share your character design/story/comic, is that not only you understand it, but those who you're sharing it with as well. Is your font clear? Did you do the text by hand? Is the grammar properly executed? Or does your character have a speech pattern that you'd like to express via text? Does the speech bubble enhance the message? Doesn't matter how you do it as long as it's understandable.

Here's an example of "What goes down..." when it was just the initial sketch:
Neutralzone 04 Sketch Wip S by pika
Second version:
Neutralzone 04 Sketch Karsittu by pika
And how it ended up as the final piece:
TF Neutralzone -  What goes down... (part 1/4) by pika TF Neutralzone - What goes down... (part 2/4) by pika TF Neutralzone - What goes down... (part 3/4) by pika TF Neutralzone - What goes down... (part 4/4) by pika


Transformers fandom question; Why, among the fan characters and their world, is heteronormativity and misogyny in such a strong role?
*stares at her message center* 59 comments, 14 replies. Uhmmm. I'll tackle you down one beautiful day when I have the energy! ;u; And the gigantic mountain of deviations!
So I wanted to spend a relaxed evening by reading TF comics. Original plan was to finally have my butt down to read Last Stand of the Wreckers, (I know I know, shame is all on me) but then I remembered the "Revolution" that has been hyped back and forth in the last pages of MTMTE and Ex-RiD.

"Ok" I thought and hunted down the proper issues for them, the part 1 and part 2, and then the first issue.

Only for me to feel actually RAGE how that issue ended. :| Not because of the art, or the plot that's going on, in a way, but the (mind my ugly words) holy shit stupid motherf****** humans and their blind eyes and deaf ears and... ARGH. I went to read the synopsis for the next issue and the same shit keeps going with the humans being as much idiots. I would understand that to continue a few issues, but that has been going on for ages now, not just in the Revolution, it's the whole side of Ex-Rid on Earth.

I can't. I just can't read it. Now matter how much I goddamn love Jazz, Arcee, Kup, Soundwave... I AM JUST SO TIRED OF HUMANS BEHAVING LIKE THAT! :cries:

Now I'm just all pissed off angry instead of relaxed for enjoying a nice comic... I wonder how well sleep comes now... T_T;
I'm so tired! *flops to the floor and wraps herself into blankets* Wake me up when it's summer~
Cosplay updates part 2!

Eye Fabric Hardened by pikaIT IS ALIVE!!! I mean.. it works!!!
For what?

Eye Fabric Eye Test by pika So I can have my evil stare on you! Yes, mask is covered in newspaper with gluestuff to smoothen out all the cracks and what not that formed on it during reshaping.

Eye Glow Test by pika Glowtest. Sadly the glow won't be that much visible in a normal light. I need to figure out how to diffuse it more. Aluminum folio is one of the solutions I've tried. We'll see. Yes, that's the glowy wire that works with batteries. I'll have fun installing all that into the helmet. Although I've been thinking of having the battery in the body instead. So more soldering and being all artsy with improvisations. I can actually see through still! The visibility isn't that great but, eh, who says cosplaying is all about being comfortable? x'D

Face Mask by pika Then I realized I have SO MANY LAYERS of gesso to put on her face. Talk about a heavy makeup! XD

pika is signing off~


Mon Nov 28, 2016, 1:56 AM
NOO POOKIIING IT'S ... it hurts!!! D;
Mon Sep 5, 2016, 4:07 AM
*pokes* >:3
Mon Aug 15, 2016, 3:36 AM
Fri Aug 12, 2016, 3:13 AM
FR E SH A VACA DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Fri Jul 15, 2016, 8:11 PM
I wonder how your hair raise on your face :dummy: with dat glasses :dummy:
Wed May 25, 2016, 8:26 PM
Mon May 23, 2016, 11:31 PM
*looks at your profile pic* *looks at your face* :dummy:
Mon May 23, 2016, 12:30 AM
Sat Apr 30, 2016, 9:46 AM
Tue Mar 15, 2016, 4:24 AM

TF/robot/stuff Adoptables?! Should I create them? Would you consider buying? 

29 deviants said Yeeees. Price range could be sumthing like ~10€
19 deviants said Sure. Any prince range would be adequate.
14 deviants said Yep, but I'd like to use points for them, can I? D: (No, sorry... ¬_¬; )
14 deviants said Pffft, nope. I have too many characters of my own already! D:
12 deviants said No thank you.
12 deviants said The heck's adoptables anyway???
5 deviants said Hells yeah, price no matter yo, I'll buy anyway!!11111
4 deviants said Yeah. Price would be nice be there some ~30€


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